Alessia Lacchin

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Alessia Lacchin (maiden name Rogova) born in Perm - Russia on 21.05.1980 at 08.30 a.m. :-) resident in Lignano Sabbiadoro (province of Udine), Italy Thermal resort of my parents in Kamchatka, Russia

I love to go to cinema, travelling, taking pictures, trekking and climbing volcanoes. I am in a passion with volcanoes and I would like to climb all volcanoes in the world together with Alessandro:-) We have already "reached" the craters of: Avachinsky volcano, Etna and Vesuvius.
My another pasion is skiing and after that enjoy a glass of Gluehwein or a cup of hot tea together with friends and family in front of a fireplace.

Russia, Germany and Italy .... I have travelled much in all these countries, visiting cities and country side and I state that all of them are my favourites.
-1980 Born in Perm, Russia where till now lives my grandmo.
-1983 Me and my parents - geologists moved to one of the most beautiful
 Russian regions and one of the most fascinating places of the World:
 Peninsula Kamchatka
-1991-1995 Music School, lessons of playing the piano, Elizovo, Kamchatka Region, Russia
-1992-1997 Practicing biathlon – acquired degree of sport masters
-1997 Graduated from High School and enrolled in the University of
 Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky, Faculty of Philology: English and Japanese
-Summer 1998 Language course in the private school in Seattle,
-1998-1999-2000 Work experience as tourist guide for the international
 tourists and translator at Hotel Gelios (Paratunka, Kamchatka, Russia).
-2000 University of Malta, 1 year English course with in addition course of
 Accounting, Economics and Programming
-2001 Moved to Germany
-2001-2002 Intensive German course at Volkshochschule, Karlsruhe,
-2002-2003 DSH – preparation course (highest German language exam)
 at the University of Bochum, Germany
-2003 Studies at the University di Bochum, Faculty of Philology: English linguistic and literature and Japanese language”.
-2004 Change of Faculty of Japanese language to the Faculty Romance
 Languages – Italian. University of Bochum, Germany.
-August 2004 Course of Italian language by language school in Feltre
 (province of Bolzano), Italy
-September 2004 Training by real estate agency Agenzia Lignano,
 Lignano Pineta (province of Udine), Italy
-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008 Work experience by Agenzia Lignano as a
 private assistant of Alessandro Lacchin (owner) and translator to
 languages: English, German and Russian.
-September 2006 Course of web design, Elizovo, Kamchatka region,
-October 2006 Took my Degree at the University of Bochum – Germany
-2006 e 2007 part-time cooperation by web company AdriaticoWeb of
 Lignano Pineta: realisation of translations, preparation of texts for web
 galleries and maintenance of web pages.
-January 2007 Coordination of realisation and translations of catalogues
 for Agenzia Lignano in Russian, Czech, Hungarian, German and English
-February 2007 Participation with Mr. Luigi Lacchin on the BIT of Milano
 for the development of contacts with foreign Tour Operators for Agenzia
-From 2007- to date Working by Trem Industrial Consulting S.r.l. in
 Cecchini di Pasiano PN. Commercial office is dealing with export sales
 of Italian furniture components.
-February 2008 Participation with Alessandro Lacchin by BIT of Milan for
 the development of contacts with foreign Tour Operators for Agenzia
-February 2009 Participation with Alessandro Lacchin by BIT of Milan for
 the development of contacts with foreign Tour Operators for Agenzia
- 2010 Married with Alessandro Lacchin on June 2010 the 30th in Lignano Sabbiadoro - Italy
- 2010 My daughter Alice Lacchin is born on 8th December 2010 in Latisana - Italy

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I love strong feelings :- )))))))))))))))))))))))) !!!