Alessandro Lacchin

Alessandro Lacchin born in Pordenone Italy on 16.01.1970 resident in Via Stefani 21, 33070 Budoia (province of Pordenone) Italy

Alessia & Alessandro

My sweetheart :-)  Alessia

I love meet and hang around with positive, cheerful people with a good sense of humour, those who have ambitious projects, are goal- and result-oriented and love to take initiative.
- 1988 Course of German language by Goethe Institute of Munich,
  Germany (second basic level);
- 1989 Diploma in Accounting and Commerce
- 1991 Course of Touristic Management organized by Region Friuli
  Venezia Giulia.
- 1992 Course of English language by Milner International College of
  English of Perth, Australia (Upper Intermediate level);
- 1992 Registered by nr. 94 in the real estate agents list of C.C.I.A.A.
  of Pordenone;
- 1992 Special licence of radio transmission
- 1995 Three courses of English language by
  USAF American Air Base of Aviano PN
- 1999 Course of touristic marketing organized
  by Association “Lignano nel 3° Millennio”;
- 2000 Course of Quality mechanisms organized
  by Region Friuli Venezia Giulia
- 2000 Course of Touristic Marketing “Quality of
  Hospitality, Leadership, Mechanisms of
  Behaviour, Interpersonal Communication”
  organized by Association “Lignano nel 3°
- 2001 Course of Touristic Marketing
  “Communication mechanisms and Scenario of
  Tourism” organized by Trademark, Italia
- 2002 Course of Touristic Marketing “New
  Trends and Needs” organized by SDA Team
- 2003 Course of Touristic Marketing The “Best
  Practices “ New and more effective Practices
  for the Industry of Hospitality organized by SDA
- 2004 Course of Touristic Marketing “New
  Ideas, New Methods, New Approaches
  towards winning of Market ” Solutions for the Industry of hospitality
  organized by SDA Team
- 2007 Course of Ethics & Fairplay organized by Entrepreneurs
  Association of city Udine
- 2007 Course of Global Sales Strategies for Ambitious Italian
  Entrepreneurs organized by Area Science Park of city Trieste in
  cooperation with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology and
  Professor Ken Morse).
- 2008 Pilot’s licence for ultralight (LSA) airplanes by the Flight School
  Alistella - Piancada UD - ITALY
- 2009 Pilot’s licence for flights with passenger on ultralight (LSA)
  airplanes by the Flight School Alistella - Piancada UD - ITALY
- 2009 Pilot’s Aeronautical Telecommunications certificate by
  the Flight School Alistella - Piancada UD - ITALY
- 2010 Married with Alessia Rogova on June 2010 the 30th in Lignano
  Sabbiadoro - Italy
- 2010 on December the 8th Alice is born :)
- 2011 Course of Web Marketing for Tourism organized by MIB School
  of Management Trieste
- 2012 from 18 July 2012 to 31 December 2014 President of Pegasus
  Flying Club
- 2012 PPL pilot's license - private pilot - at Euro American School of
  Aviation / Florida USA

The new experiences fascinating me!!!!

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